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Hello Everyone. This is RandyTheReviewer

2008-05-08 18:13:16 by RandyTheReviewer

Hi everyone. This is RandyTheReviewer. Do you need a review? Post a comment on this to get one. I will be honest and give detailed reviews. All posters will be reviewed, rated and voted. If you impress me alot, you will be given alot more attention from me. I will spread news around. So remember. Post a comment to get reviewed.


Hello Everyone. This is RandyTheReviewer


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2008-05-13 20:45:40

Please review all of my movies...? Did I say that right? I hope so...



2008-05-13 21:22:11

Black people.


2008-05-14 17:23:49

You're right! Neji never gets any attention! It would get a ten if it was Neji!!!!!!


2008-05-14 17:25:09

We should find the dude that made that tsunade wit konohamaru shit and tell him to make one with Neji!!!


2008-06-02 14:45:39

Could you review my song The Piano Song or any other things
I'd like it


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